About Us

We create Jawal website for SMS services to provide services for individuals, groups , associations public and private institutions threw a modern technics that go with our times, SMS becomes the most used way to connect between the society members very easy smooth way to connect thousands of people in a minutes and deliver what you want

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Our Mission

Provide services & business for software solutions, digital information & communications, to suitable the actual need for our users

Our Slogan

Safety, privacy, efficiency

JAWAL Features


Confidentiality of information

Jawal guarantee confidentiality & privacy for your ..

Send SMS Quickly

Process & Send SMS quickly from our website, as ...


Specify the send time in future using date & time.

SMS Reports

Each user can view the SMS reports and details through ...

Multi Senders Names

Request more than one sender name for your account.

Template SMS Service

Send SMS messages to a different numbers, with ...

Networks & Coverage

We aim to provide short messaging service that will ensure the client's right to reach these messages to the destination in the time specified by the user , where lies the value of this medium at the speed of communication with the recipients and this always strive to achieve this goal through the use of gateways send local ensure that messages arrive without any delay ,It should be noted that the cost of each network are certain Todhristiha in the report before sending in addition to the statement of the value of the discount for the network. Select states and information will be displayed to cover it also the networks inside these countries that support the sending to it.

Marketing via SMS


Do you want help selling your products?
Do you like to advertise your activities in a unique and effective way?
Do you have any troubles marketing your products or introduce your activities?

The answer is SMS The eMarketing became one of the most effective ways to achieve the marketing objectives whenever there is a proper resources and exact studies, it also consider to be the most effective way among the rest ways like (newspapers , magazines, billboards on the road because the recent amount of users is massive and it increases day by day.
Increase your sales right now, with the fastest eMarketing way in the world for product marketing & publicity for websites which is SMS through the internet.

Jawal Apps

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