From the beginning we put in our minds that the sms service prices will be within the reach of everyone , Our access to the greatest number possible is our goal at jawal website sms services this turn gave jawal website a great importance and increase the confidence in jawal among the users . Sms services from jawal sms services are known by its competitive prices , high quality and after sale unique services.

messages price list normal package



  • 300 Msg
  • 45.00 AED



  • 500 Msg
  • 70.00 AED

Persons +


  • 1500 Msg
  • 195.00 AED

Savings +


  • 3000 Msg
  • 360.00 AED

Messages price list Special package



  • 750,0 Msg
  • 825 AED



  • 150,00 Msg
  • 150,0 AED

Business +


  • 750,00 Msg
  • 675,0 AED



  • 100,000 Msg
  • 800,0 AED



  • 150,000 Msg
  • 105,00 AED
Do you have a query or question? Do you want to buy more than 150000 sms message ? please contact us through these communication channels :
1 - Add ticket ... click here
2 - Send an email ... click here
3 - Direct call at our Technical support phones : 971-505019934

Some countries sms message price probably more than one point depending on that you are requested to visit this link to know the bundles Networks And Coverage.

Recharge Methods

Payment Methods

Follow these steps to buy sms messages and recharge your balance through banktransfer :

1 - Transfer sms messages price to one of our bank accounts at the table underneath.
2 - If you were registered to our website enter your account choose recharge balance from the list then add recharge request.
3 - Balance will be charged after receiving the payments at most one hour.
We receive the deposit through our bank account owned by Ebtekarat software solutions on these accounts :

Bank name Account Number AE190500000000016057885
ADIB 16057885 AE190500000000016057885
RAK Bank 8242138778901 AE100400008242138778901

You can now pay via your credit card through the payment service Do that easily , just select the SMS quantity from the list in Charge from PayPal page then click on pay and you will be redirect to , then login with your paypal account and confirm the payment your account will be recharged within 10 min .
Notes : If you want to get your bill or receipt sent to us at :