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General questions
  • Click on log in for free after you click on register
  • Fill the list which contains personal and entrance information
  • making sure to write your mobile number accurately eg: 971505019934.
  • You will recive the activation code at the same number you wrote above to ensure the validity and ownership of the number .
  • Enter the activation code in the designated place now you finished your register successfully and get 3 messages to try free .
  • From the log in page
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Go to your data entrance box.
  • Click on forgot my password .
  • Choose how you want to receive your password through Email or Mobile number .
  • You will receive it immediately.
  • Password be sent to you immediately approved.
  • After you tried the service from the free balance you got from the registration process.
  • You can by clicking on balance recharge icon from right list in your account page.
  • Transfer the cost of shipping the balance to one of our bank accounts.
  • Then click on add recharge request.
  • Fill the data accurately then click send.
  • Your balance recharge in less than hour.
Your messages validity is a year from the date of your last recharge.
By clicking on the list username then write the requested name then click add the activation will be as soon as possible.
  • some telecommunications companies impose a fee for activating the sender's name for more, please contact the technical support staff.
  • We present from our website Jawal SMS /a very modern and high sms sending techniques to ensure receive you message at affordable prices.
  • We also present Programming and Web design services.
  • Service programs on demand.
  • Log to your account.
  • Go to send a message.
  • Choose sending time later.
  • Select later date and time the message will send automatically.
Yes, write the country code before the mobile number
Because sending will be international.
Yes, you can
  • Go to balance transfer icon on the right list.
  • Click on the icon then write the User Number you want to recharge for it.
  • Enter how many dots you want to transfer one dot = one message.
  • Write your personal notes if you like.
  • Press transfer so the process is complete.
Yes , it will happen . Eash user invite his friends gets 10 free messages frome each friend he invite
when the friend write the host number during the registration process
  • Note: The accounts are reviewed and the points submitted after approval through the site management.
  • Arabic letter lengh of the message is 70 letters and in case the message is connected and the lengh was more than 70 letters the first message will be considered as 67 letters and the second one 67 letters and so on.
  • English letter length of the message is 160 letters and in case the message is connected the first letter will considered as 153 and the second will be also 153 and so on.
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